A baby’s sleeping snuggle pillow of choice is Mama Husky.

Huskies are wonderful family pets because they are very accepting to kids. Siberian Huskies can mingle well and get along with people fairly easily. One dog owner recently described a few instances in which his dog affectionately engaged with his adorable kid, Daisy.

On the bed, Daisy and Millie were sleeping next to each other. When the tiny infant spotted her pet dog, she mimicked the Husky while keeping her tongue out. The delicate goliath prepped her in response to the infant.

After some time, the adorable Husky gently hid her face from the infant. The young child was really excited about the dog being so near. She persisted in mimicking her playmate while talking to her parents.

The infant appeared incredibly content in the company of her lovely, shaggy buddy and took part in the organization of the delicate goliath cuddling with her. The stunning Husky behaved as if the young woman were her mother.

She hugged the little girl while being fiercely protective of her. Even the infant imitated the husky and frequently stuck out her tongue in disdain towards a young puppy.

The young girl’s father asked whether she was a Husky. Daisy responded by delightfully holding her tongue. She then turned to look at her sleeping furry buddy who was standing next to her.

Daisy’s father then guided her to stroke the dog’s head while holding her little hand. The tiny girl then started speaking with her dad in her own tongue and became rather animated. A few seconds later, her human playmate found the Husky resting on her back and soundly rejuvenated by the bed.

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